Executive Planning & Career Coaching

  • Are you in the wrong job, or considering where you’re heading in life yet don’t have the confidence to take the next step?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut, feel unfulfilled, stressed, over worked or under paid?
  • Do you feel you have untapped potential, are unchallenged or demotivated?
  • Do you want to support others in your organisation identify their career goals and positively help them take the next step?
  • Changing careers can be a scary prospect. You may be feeling overwhelmed, bewildered,  or simply at a loss to know the best way forward.

Anu Change is about working with you to understand yourself better and the opportunity to take a step back, invest in yourself, gain self confidence and clarify your future direction.

Anu Change can help you find your next role and help you make your next big career change by:

  • Identifying your interests, skills and values and build your confidence.
  • Find greater clarity and purpose.
  • Discover what’s important so you can make informed decisions.
  • Help you start businesses, get promoted and noticed.

Make The Change

Whether it’s exploring your current options,  preparing for promotion, planning a change within your industry or a total career change, Anu Change can help you clarify exactly what you want and help you make the change.

Want to get in position to get that next promotion or set yourself apart? Whether it’s upping your game, distinguishing yourself, or continuing to operate at your highest level, Anu Change are experts in coaching for performance.
Learn the most effective tools in how to prioritise and manage your time skillfully.  Learn how to feel good about your choices and stick to them. We can support you in enhancing the quality of your time at work and at home, and get more enjoyment and fulfilment from your life.

“Onwards & Upwards”

Help clients use the most effective job search skills and develop strategic networking. Engage in informational interviewing techniques to uncover job market and create new opportunities.

Developing confidence is a big part of what we work on with both our personal coaching and career coaching clients

Personal coaching or life coaching is where the coach supports you to uncover what you really wish to achieve, by listening, carefully questioning and reflecting back to you. Coaching helps develop skills and strategies and provides support to all clients who want to improve their lives. Coaching helps you to make decisions, solve problems and achieve your goals. As a Coach I truly listen to you, without analysis or judgment as you work things out and overcome the challenges that keep you stuck. I can help you gain clarity about what’s really holding you back and then put strategies into place to make positive changes. My aim is to guide, inspire and motivate you to help you uncover their goals, aspirations and vision for your life.

Assertiveness is a powerful communication tool based in equality and respect for yourself and for others. Coaching will help you become more assertive and enable you to behave and communicate more confidently in your personal & professional relationships, aiming at win-win solutions & enhancing your self-esteem.

Feeling able to set and maintain boundaries that are best for your health and happiness, is very commonly challenged in all sorts of work, life and social situations. Getting clear on what your needs are, your standards are and accepting what’s best for you, we will support you in practically implementing new boundaries. Lacking in assertiveness can have an incredibly damaging impact on a person, and resolving this as a result is always incredibly rewarding work, but certainly very challenging without the support of a Personal Coach or professional to help you.

Healthy, solid confidence is the bedrock to an effective, satisfying life and the precursor to setting and achieving your personal and professional goals. When you work with Anu Change, we get an understanding of where you’re currently experiencing gaps in your life, what your obstacles are and tailor a practical action plan to help you make positive changes and grow your confidence, at a pace that works best for you.