What Is LEAN?

LEAN is Continuous Improvement

Lean Six Sigma service is about process speed and quality – finding ways to make your customers happier by getting services faster and better at lesser price, just in time. Reducing the cost of complexity – removing extra steps and non-value added activities in service realisation processes.

Lean Six Sigma is a team-focused approach that seeks to improve performance by eliminating waste and defects. … Simply put, under the tenets of Lean Six Sigma any use of resources that doesn’t create value for the end customer is considered a waste and should be eliminated.

LEAN prevents duplication, avoids human error, eliminates mistakes and leads to open communication. With LEAN Continuous Improvement implementation, all this becomes possible for your business.

Questions to ask in your Business?

  • How automated are current systems?
  • Where can you improve your current processes?
  • Who can analyse each process?
  • Is each department aware of its impact on other departments?
  • Have you identified bottlenecks in your organisation?
  • How productive are your employees?
  • Do you measure the output of each process or employee output?
  • How do you present data?
  • Do employees have the right mindset? – Better, faster, lower costs
  • What waste & non-value add activities can you remove?
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Benefits of LEAN

Reduce cost
Reduce cost by eliminating wasteful steps in your processes.

Reduce lead time
Help your customers get your products faster and more often.

Improve quality
Eliminate defects and get things right first time to increase quality.

Empower staff
The freedom to improve their workplace and processes.

Steps for LEAN process:

Lean Business

1.  What needs to change?
Firstly, identify the change before you can fix it. 


2.  Analyse your Pain Points
Analyse what’s happening & how to improve it. 


3.  Get Buy-In
Get authorisation & support from Senior Management. 


4.  Design the improvement process
Work with those people who are intimate with the process & how to improve it.


5.  What do you need to do to get it done?
Any plan is going to need resources, what are they? Who are they? 


6.  Make the Change
What do you need to implement the plan you created? 


7.  Review:
Every plan needs monitoring to make sure it’s proceeding as planned.

Working with a LEAN Consultant will enable you to:

Improve productivity

Reduce costs and improved profitability

Build a more committed and motivated workforce

Deliver better customer service

Create a better place to work

Our Lean Business Consultant will show you that:

Good business practice starts with measuring the performance of key processes and benchmarking them against the performance of your competitors.

Only by fully understanding how each process works and relates to your customer and business needs, can you begin to build a picture of how the same process can be conducted more effectively.

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