Strategic Business Planning – Scale & Grow

Do you need support in developing the right strategic plan to grow your business?

Is your organisation growing at an exponential rate and your organisational structure is no longer fit for purpose?


Business Strategy, KPI’s, Goals, Business Plan completed


Structures for your Business, processes in place, efficiencies LEAN. Streamlining your business and developing an innovative culture

How is your business performance, in line with market sector? In line with goals and KPI’s what markets you are currently in and need to be in, including the marketing required to optimise your exposure to that market.

Are you as a leader and business owner performing to your full potential? how is your Mindset? Growth v’s Fixed?

Do you know your numbers? Cashflow Projections realistic, management accounts, breakeven analysis. Where you are making money now and where you should be making money in the future

How is your team operating? Do they need support? Customer feedback? NPS development of systematic sales or account management processes that guarantee sales success.

Financial planning for business Co Louth

What is Business Strategic Planning?


Anu Change works with clients on project appraisal, strategy, planning and problem solving. Strategic Business Planning with companies to development and align their strategic direction and vision, to set goals and develop tactics to make the vision a reality and to achieve business objectives.

Who should use Strategic Planning?


If you are leading a company and want to succeed, strategic planning will be essential for you.   Every business wants to grow, but it needs to manage the growth expectation and avoid unrealistic targets. If too ambitious, owners and employees could become discouraged and frustrated.  

What’s in it for you?


Detailed, strategic, long-term business plan.  Business planning focuses on every aspect of your business: products, markets, margins, employees, customers, trends specific to the industry, compliance, training needs, CapEx (capital expenditure), supplier costings/contracts, revenue.

Anu Change provides realistic and result oriented strategic planning services to businesses and organisations looking for growth, recovery or improvement in their business process.

Strategic Plan Process