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ECR & ECR 360 Assessments, Coaching & Training

Understanding how emotions shape your thoughts and actions is the first step to gaining greater control over our behaviour. Developing the skills to manage yourself and other people more effectively maximises your influence as a leader.

I am a certified accredited practitioner of the Roche Martin ECR & ECR 360 (Emotional Capital Report). The Emotional Capital Report develops and accelerates Emotional Intelligence for leaders. It comprises of a psychometric test, followed by a coaching and feedback session to facilitate and interpret the results followed by further ECR executive coaching sessions. Additionally I deliver one day Emotional Capital Workshops.

Roche Martin Accredited

“Emotional Capital is the new psychology of leadership that describes a set of emotional and social skills that are most effective at influencing others. Leaders who possess high levels of emotional capital are known as Emotional Capitalists.”

Martyn Newman

  • Build Better Relationships – Build Better Relationships by adapting and changing your behaviour to achieve effective outcomes that are of greater value to you and the business that you work for.
  • Manage Difficult Emotions  – Manage Difficult Emotions with greater discretion to respond to stressful circumstances and to take control – remaining pragmatic, resourceful and focussed.
  • Increase Creativity & Innovation – Increase creativity, innovation and problem solving abilities to develop and engage talent and create cultures that are attractive to both internal and external customers.
  • Lead Others Effectively – Provide the emotional skills to support individuals and teams to be more resilient and adaptable to changing market conditions, and build leadership teams fit for the future
  • Emotional Capital Report (ECR) –The Emotional Capital Report is a leadership development tool that provides professional people with a comprehensive interpretation of their leadership potential based on their emotional intelligence.
  • Science led –Uses field-tested psychometrics to develop leaders, select talent, & improve performance
  • Practical – Takes 10-15 minutes to complete and is available in multiple languages
  • Analytical – An individual’s detailed scores are benchmarked against a database of 10,000 high performing global leaders
  • Strategy – Delivers 19 pages of practical coaching strategies to develop emotional intelligence

Measure Your Emotional Intelligence

ECR (Emotional Intelligence Report) is a scientifically developed tool with separate modules for each area of Emotional Intelligence. It’s delivered digitally, and it’s shown to create measurable improvements in Emotional Capital.