Discover the Power of Personality: Learn how to use DISC with your clients to help them build Self Awareness


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DISC Training Ireland

    Do you want to become accredited and to use DISC with your clients ?

    Understand the DISC model of personality preferences

    Learn how to communicate effectively with different personality types

    Develop your knowledge of how different personality types prefer to set goals

    Help people to identify their type and increase their self-awareness

    Use DISC personality profiles with your clients – you will be ready to go to use the system with clients

Anu Change DISC Training
DISC personality profiling


Learn how to use DISC with your clients to help them build self awareness
  • Your own Personal Profile & Workbook
  • Personalised DISC Account for management of online DISC Profiles
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for the DISC certified community to share best practices
  • One hour mentor session after completion of course
  • Examination (on the final day of training)

Become DISC Certified - training spread over two days

What is DISC?

Based on the comprehensive work of Dr William Moulton Marston at Harvard University, DISC personality profiling, has been in use since the 1920s, empowering relationships and providing a deeper understanding of self. DISC Theory offers an explanation of differing personality types and delves into the key driver, motivators and even fears that shape each individual.

As an effective personality assessment tool, DISC, helps you to better understand people by revealing the four basic patterns that drive behaviour. It’s most common use is to improve personal and inter-personal understanding, teamwork, communications and job/person fit. An understanding of this theory can offer an increased awareness of other people, and yourself.

What can you use DISC Assessments in?

DISC is a powerful tool that can be applied to business and personal life to help you:

    Improve communication

    Increase productivity and efficiency

    Recruit the right people

    Enhance your relationships, both personal and professional

    Identify key areas for  development

    Drive powerful performance

Anu Change DISC Training
ANU Change DISC Book

If you are a Coach

    Learn what the different styles expect from their coach – from the first communication right through to the last session

    Understand how the different styles go about goal setting and goal getting

    Find out what might get in their way and how to navigate through difficulty to achieve success.

If you are a Leader or Manager

Recognising behavioural styles can help you gain commitment and cooperation, quickly resolve and even prevent conflicts and gain endorsement from others. Understand how to maximise motivation and the performance of your team. DISC allows you to understand people ‘as they are’, so as to develop high performing employees.

Understand yourself so you can modify your preferred behaviour to more effectively manage others to help them maximize their potential.
Employ strategies to reduce stress and increase team effectiveness and productivity.
Some of the most common uses of our DISC Profile Assessments in are:

    Conflict Management
    Sales/Customer Service
     Strengthening communication skills
    Building leadership abilities
    Diffusing interpersonal conflict
    Choosing attainable goals
    Boosting performance and productivity
    Increasing motivation
    Strengthening workplace skills
     Constructing strong teams
    Cultivating productive work or study habits
    Making smart hiring decisions

If you are a Recruitment Specialist or HR Professional, DISC will help you gain an understanding of the candidate even before you meet them. This will help you devise your competency-based questions and appoint “right person to right role”

DISC Training Ireland

What benefits can you get from using a DISC Assessment?​​

You can use DISC to help reveal hidden talents and skills that create high-performing individuals and teams. Understanding the unique traits employees bring to the table provides more context and perspective in the workplace. Some of the benefits are:

     Build Greater Self Awareness

     Improve Communication

     Adapting to different styles

     Learning Communication effectiveness

     Manage Conflict and Resistance

     Reduce Conflict

     Using your strengths to your advantage

     Maximising your strengths as a Manager/Leader

     Recognising and removing barriers to performance

     Developing high potential employees

     Building a Sales Relationship

     Improving Team Effectiveness

     Improving Team Motivation

     Reduction of stress

What's included in registering and attending this DISC Training

     Your own Personal Profile
Workbook and classroom materials

     Personalised DISC Account for management of on-line DISC Profiles

     Examination (on the day)

     Private Facebook group for DISC certified community to share best practices

     One hour mentor session after completion of Course

     The day enables you to use DISC profiling tools with your clients

     An introduction to the behavioural model and 4 different preferences

     How to interrupt the graphs and feed back to people on their DISC profiles

     Ways to communicate with people based on their preferences

     Your own personal DISC profile and comprehensive report

     Workbook and materials to help you build your knowledge

     At the end of the day you get access to the online system and can use DISC reports with your clients (you will need to purchase the reports separately).


Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will be certified to use the DISC system on successful completion of the exam at the end of the training.

Who should get Certified?​

Anyone in a training, coaching, consulting or people-development role who wishes to understand, utilise and maximise the benefit of using the DISC model within their business or organisation.

How can I use DISC ?

During the training days, you will find out how you can set up online and purchase assessments for you and your clients.

Are there any refunds ?

Places are non-refundable, however if you book a place and cannot make it you can transfer your ticket to someone else up until 7 days before the event. You are unable to transfer tickets after this date.

What if I am not a coach?​

You do not need to be a coach to attend the day as this is a separate training.


To receive the credential of DISC Facilitator, participants must attend both days and successfully pass the certification exam.

Anu Change DISC Certificate



     Your own Personal Profile & Workbook

     Personalised DISC Account for management of online DISC Profiles​

     Access to Private FB Group for the DISC certified community to share best practices​

     Examination (on the final day of training)

     ​One hour mentor session after completion of course​


€495 limited time only
(€200 X 3 months - email to arrange)



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