Resilience at Work – Assessment Report

R@W Individual
The R@W Individual is a scientifically researched measure of personal workplace resilience that measures the seven components that interrelate and contribute to overall resilience.


The benefits include:
» Validated and specifically designed for the workplace
» Relates to everyday work behaviours that can be changed rather than personality factors
» Takes into account the impact of the organisational context in which people are working
» Considers management of current work challenges
» Provides a comprehensive feedback report that is easily translated into practical actions
» Places emphasis on building strengths in addition to better managing the stress and specific issues people are facing
» Provides benchmarking on the seven components of personal work resilience
» Takes a holistic approach and considers all aspects of resilience – physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual (purpose and values)
» Is quick and easy to administer and competed on-line.

Why use the R@W Toolkit?
The Toolkit is suitable for all occupations, up to Board level.

» Professional, leadership or team development
» Management and executive coaching
» Organisational resilience interventions
» Applied research.

€295 with one hour debrief