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DISC – Discover the Power of Personality Profiling

What is DISC personality profiling and how does it work?

“In order to be understood, we must first seek to understand.” Steven Covey

Have you ever wondered why you connect with some team members better than others? Ever thought you collaborate in certain teams and struggle to even communicate in different teams? DISC can help you understand people in minutes rather than years. 

DISC personality profiling is based on the comprehensive work of Dr. William Moulton Marston at Harvard University. It has been in use since the 1920’s, empowering relationships and providing a deeper understanding of self. DISC Theory offers an explanation of differing personality types and delves into the key driver, motivators and even fears that shape each individual.

We are all individuals with a unique DNA and this is also true for our personalities. Our profile is a blend of many different influences and, that said, we may struggle to communicate and work with colleagues who are “polar opposites”. However, this does not mean we can never communicate. Once we understand the other personality blends, their communication preferences and what their fears are, then we can modify our style to manage the team are working with. This way, we can ultimately ensure we are all working towards the common goal in a way that suits all involved.

As an effective personality assessment tool, DISC helps you to better understand people by revealing the four basic patterns that drive behaviour. An understanding of this theory can offer an increased awareness of other people, and yourself.

DISC is a powerful tool that can be applied to business and personal life to help you:

  • Improve communication.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Recruit the right people.
  • Enhance your relationships, both personal and professional.
  • Identify key areas for development.
  • Understand how the different styles go about goal setting and goal getting.
  • Find out what might get in their way and how to navigate through difficulty to achieve success.

If you are a Leader or Manager

  • Unlock the secrets to understanding the people puzzle. Find out what turns your team on and what turns them off.
  • Understand yourself so you can modify your preferred behaviour to more effectively manage others to help them maximize their potential.
  • Understand how to maximise motivation and the performance of your team. By understanding the styles of each person in a team, communication can be increased. This in turn leads to improved morale, productivity, sharing information, and efficiency in projects.
  • Learn how different customers react to sales closing approaches.
  • Employ strategies to reduce stress and increase team effectiveness and productivity.
  • Conduct compelling meetings and drive your message home every time.
  • Train leaders in behavioural awareness, achieving effective leadership. This includes leaders working to their strengths and to the strengths of those on their team, understanding what motivates others and improving communication.


When you understand the DISC style of your clients, you can better understand how to build immediate rapport with them. This will allow you to deliver coaching sessions in a manner that will resonate with them, regardless of their style.

Hiring & Talent Management

The DISC System can be a powerful and helpful tool when hiring the right person for your job vacancy. It is used as part of the recruitment process and can suggest how an individual might go about the job, how they could work as part of a team and how they may approach challenges. This will help you to select an individual who has the personality to succeed in a position. You will gain an insight into the management style they may respond to. Understanding the potential best environment for them to work in will help increase the chances of a successful placement and in-out experience, is proven to decrease turnover.

Sales Training

Personality and communication are key when building rapport with a client. By being able to understand one’s own natural selling style and predicting that of the client, communication and transfer of information can be adapted to better meet the client’s needs and effectively maximize results.

If you are a Business owner, Manager, Leader, Teacher, HR Professional, Salesperson, Recruitment Specialist, or if you work with people in any capacity – learn how to make DISC work for you.

To discuss DISC personality profiling in more detail, please feel free to get in touch here.

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