Using DISC to Help Deal with Customers

Improve Customer Communications with DISC Personality Profiling  

As the country is reopening over the coming weeks, we thought we would share some information to help to improve customer experiences using the perspective of 4 different DISC personality styles.    

What is DISC?  DISC Personality profiling assessment is a powerful tool to understand people’s behaviour and helps you to better understand people by revealing the four basic patterns that drive behaviour. An understanding of this theory can offer an increased awareness of other people, and yourself.  

Have you ever wondered why you connect with some customers better than others? Ever thought you collaborate in certain teams and struggle to even communicate in different teams? DISC can help you understand people in minutes rather than years.   

We want to help you to understand your customers and provide you with hints and tips on how to communicate better with your customer and help you or your staff improve their customer service skills.   


When you have identified which of the 4 pattern your customer falls under you can then adapt your communication style to enhance customer experience. Highlighted below are some key points that will help you communicate more effectively with each personality style.  

Communicating with D  

  • Don’t waste their time  
  • Be clear and to the point   
  • Don’t chitchat   
  • Appear organised 
  • Present the fact logically
  • Provide alternatives and choices so the customer can make their own decisions  
  • If you disagree focus on the facts not on how the customers personality appears  

Communicating with the I   

  • Relate to the customer  
  • Be Interactive   
  • Don’t drive to facts and figures  
  • Provide Idea’s   
  • Allow time for being sociable and friendly   
  • Help them get organised and provide information in writing if required  
  • Finalise all decisions, don’t leave any decisions in the air 

Communicating with the S   

  • Don’t rush head-on into business or the agenda  
  • Break the ice with some personal comments  
  • Be Interested in the customers   
  • Don’t hurry or force them to make a quick decision or respond  
  • Don’t interrupt the customer as they speak  
  • Listen carefully  
  • Ask specific questions  
  • If it is a personal issue be compassionate    

Communicating with the C  

  • Approach them in a direct way   
  • Recognise they might feel uncomfortable in certain situations  
  • Ask them direct if they see the issue in the same way you do  
  • Give them all the information they need to decide  
  • Be professional and formal in your dealings  
  • Don’t force a quick decision  
  • Be clear about expectations or deadlines  
  • If there is a disagreement prove it with data and facts  

We hope that this information will be helpful over the coming weeks as we encounter all different types of personalities. We wish all the businesses that have recently opened and are reopening the best of luck over the coming months and into the future.   

If you would like to hear more about DISC personality assessment or ways that we can help you and your business check out our website or email